DIY Termite Treatment Tips and Tricks

Termites are the pests you just can’t seem to get rid of. Luckily there are many DIY termite treatment options available. Termigold has the most effective range of DIY options on the market and offers all the tips & tricks you need to succeed in removing termites. 

Wood Piles

It is important to clear under your house and around the house of any wood piles or wood materials. Any wood should be at least 6 meters away from your house to ensure the termites have no entry positioning to your humble abode. When checking around your home check for any firewood, mulch, tree stumps or timber panels. This is a really easy preventative DIY termite treatment measure to take.

Treated Wood

If you’re re-doing your backyard and want to include wooden features such as fences, seats or bridges, make sure the wood is chemically treated first. Pressure-treated wood is barely ever eaten by termites – lowering your chances of attracting them to your home.

Protect your air conditioner

Air conditioner heat pumps create moisture as the natural condensation process occurs when temperatures change. The type of moisture created and drained by air conditioners is not able to be eliminated. If the air conditioning unit is able to be easily found by termites they will come straight for you the unit and then move into your home. It is just important for the moisture drainage system to be clear and moves the left over water a fair while away from your home instead of depositing straight under your unit.

Eliminate cardboard

Cardboard is also another major draw for termites, having cardboard in your home or easily accessible in the yard is luring them in. Plastic is a safer option to have in or around your home. Plastic bins or boxes are affordable and this is an easy hassle free switch to you can do by yourself. 

Termiticide Treatment

To try a more aggressive approach to eliminate termites, chemical termiticide treatment is very effective and easy to implement. Start with digging a trench around the perimeter of your home. The trench should be close to your home and the main problem areas. Fill the trench with foam-based non-repellent termite insecticide. 

Because the DIY termite treatment is non-repellent the termites will move to the trench and then die while caught in it. This is more ideal for stopping repeat encounters and ensuring any getting close enough to your home are immediately killed.