5 Ideas for a Temperature Controlled Refridgerator Truck

A temperature controlled refridgerator truck can be useful for multiple businesses. They help to ensure that food and other perishable items that have to be delivered at certain temperatures are delivered safe and fresh. It is very important to take precautions when running a business needing items to be at certain temperatures. Here are a few ideas that can use this type of vehicle. 

CATERING COMPANIES… Do you run or drive for a catering company? The best way to preserve the flavor in your food is to have a temperature-controlled refrigerator truck. Think about it don’t you want your customers to experience your food as if you just got done making it. A vehicle like this can keep your food as cold or warm as if you just made it all the way to the customer even if that customer is a long drive away.

MEAL PROGRAM COORDINATORS… Just like caters, they need to be able to deliver the food to the customer at the right temperature. Most of the time they have multiple trips or customers to deliver to in one day so the food has to stay fresh. There are many Australian laws meal program coordinators need to abide by when serving to customers.

FLORISTS… Now I know this company is not really one you would have thought of to need a temperature controlled truck but keeping the flowers at the right temperature helps to keep them fresh and helps prevent wilting as well. You don’t want your customer to end up with wilted flowers after all that hard work you did arranging them so beautifully. 

BUTCHERS… Now restaurants and food stores, especially ones with meat departments, need and get deliveries on a daily basis. Now, this type of vehicle is very important when transporting raw meats. You have to make sure that the meats are kept at certain temperatures so that they are at acceptable conditions and to avoid growth of something that can harm humans. This type of mistake could cost your business lots of money. So to avoid contaminated meats you have to use a refrigerated truck. Make sure that the refrigerator truck is the correct size and holds temperature correctly for raw meats. This is a very serious matter when transporting. 

FROZEN TREATS and BEVERAGES… Now my favorite and one everyone knows – ice cream. One of the biggest refrigerator truck uses and if your out there selling ice cream in a 40-degree heat the last thing you want to do is sell melted ice cream to someone, that would be bad for business. Now it’s not just ice cream it’s bottles of water and or milkshakes even soda which on a hot day you want to sell to your customers cold. 

 Nowadays temperature controlled vehicles are not just a huge box truck with a sliding window in the side. They come in all different shapes and sizes. So make sure whatever one you have or decide to get is the correct truck for what you need it for. It’s your business so you want to make sure that you get what works for your business. You can always start with a small refrigerator truck and then as your business grows opt for a bigger truck. Check our Scully RSV for all your refrigerator truck needs.