Month: December 2019

DIY Termite Treatment Tips and Tricks

Termites are the pests you just can’t seem to get rid of. Luckily there are many DIY termite treatment options available. Termigold has the most effective range of DIY options on the market and offers all the tips & tricks you need to succeed in removing termites. 

Wood Piles

It is important to clear under your house and around the house of any wood piles or wood materials. Any wood should be at least 6 meters away from your house to ensure the termites have no entry positioning to your humble abode. When checking around your home check for any firewood, mulch, tree stumps or timber panels. This is a really easy preventative DIY termite treatment measure to take.

Treated Wood

If you’re re-doing your backyard and want to include wooden features such as fences, seats or bridges, make sure the wood is chemically treated first. Pressure-treated wood is barely ever eaten by termites – lowering your chances of attracting them to your home.

Protect your air conditioner

Air conditioner heat pumps create moisture as the natural condensation process occurs when temperatures change. The type of moisture created and drained by air conditioners is not able to be eliminated. If the air conditioning unit is able to be easily found by termites they will come straight for you the unit and then move into your home. It is just important for the moisture drainage system to be clear and moves the left over water a fair while away from your home instead of depositing straight under your unit.

Eliminate cardboard

Cardboard is also another major draw for termites, having cardboard in your home or easily accessible in the yard is luring them in. Plastic is a safer option to have in or around your home. Plastic bins or boxes are affordable and this is an easy hassle free switch to you can do by yourself. 

Termiticide Treatment

To try a more aggressive approach to eliminate termites, chemical termiticide treatment is very effective and easy to implement. Start with digging a trench around the perimeter of your home. The trench should be close to your home and the main problem areas. Fill the trench with foam-based non-repellent termite insecticide. 

Because the DIY termite treatment is non-repellent the termites will move to the trench and then die while caught in it. This is more ideal for stopping repeat encounters and ensuring any getting close enough to your home are immediately killed.

Find the best ducted air conditioning Brisbane has to offer

Find the best Ducted air conditioning Brisbane has to offer with Smarter Air. Ducted air conditioning is a necessity for the raging summer heat. It gives you full control to cool your home down quickly. There are a number of features that make ducted air conditioning the best choice for your home.


Ducted air conditioning features special section zones and smart automation technology. There’s no need to cool your whole house down if all the family is situated in only one room. This saves you money as you are using less energy while more efficiently cooling the space you actually use. You may only want to cool bedrooms overnight and the media room in the evenings. 


Ducted air conditioning systems are hidden from sight, making a lounge room space or living area more visually appealing. A large singular air conditioning unit can be obtrusive to the eye and take up a lot of wall space. With ducted air conditioning there’s more room for paintings, wall art or technology.  Ducted air conditioning pleases every interior design and home owner.


In those few months where the temperature drops and the warm pajamas come out of the winter closet, ducted air conditioning is still suitable. The reverse-cycle ducted air conditioning allows you to heat any areas of your home without having to purchase another separate heating system. The heating features allow you to warm up any areas you choose.

Property Value

If you’re buying an investment property or planning to sell in the future, ducted air conditioning will increase the value of your home. Ducted air conditioning is highly sought after and while it is still seen as a luxury item – because it’s more affordable than ever, it is now becoming the norm in Australian homes. 

This is especially true in the South-East Queensland homes where there is a combination of humidity and high temperatures making the summers more unbearable than other parts of the country such as Melbourne. So it’s best to keep up with the market and maximise the potential of your home. 


Although the initial fee of installing ducted air conditioning throughout your home is higher than a singular installation of one air-conditioning unit, over time the maintenance and continual installation of more units increases rapidly. Making ducted air conditioning more cost efficient and maintenance less expensive. 

Another factor to consider is the energy efficiency rating of ducted air conditioning compared to multiple single units. All ducted air conditioning brands are now required to conform with the minimum energy performance standards, therefore guaranteeing efficiency. However, single unit systems are different for each brand and machine style. This may be tricky to navigate and work out how much you’ll actually be spending on electricity costs. You’ll need to compare the energy efficiency labels and product information to choose the most energy efficient option for your home.

Smarter Air has a range the best ducted air conditioning Brisbane has to offer with hundreds of options available.