DIY Termite Treatment Tips and Tricks

Termites are the pests you just can’t seem to get rid of. Luckily there are many DIY termite treatment options available. Termigold has the most effective range of DIY options on the market and offers all the tips & tricks you need to succeed in removing termites. 

Wood Piles

It is important to clear under your house and around the house of any wood piles or wood materials. Any wood should be at least 6 meters away from your house to ensure the termites have no entry positioning to your humble abode. When checking around your home check for any firewood, mulch, tree stumps or timber panels. This is a really easy preventative DIY termite treatment measure to take.

Treated Wood

If you’re re-doing your backyard and want to include wooden features such as fences, seats or bridges, make sure the wood is chemically treated first. Pressure-treated wood is barely ever eaten by termites – lowering your chances of attracting them to your home.

Protect your air conditioner

Air conditioner heat pumps create moisture as the natural condensation process occurs when temperatures change. The type of moisture created and drained by air conditioners is not able to be eliminated. If the air conditioning unit is able to be easily found by termites they will come straight for you the unit and then move into your home. It is just important for the moisture drainage system to be clear and moves the left over water a fair while away from your home instead of depositing straight under your unit.

Eliminate cardboard

Cardboard is also another major draw for termites, having cardboard in your home or easily accessible in the yard is luring them in. Plastic is a safer option to have in or around your home. Plastic bins or boxes are affordable and this is an easy hassle free switch to you can do by yourself. 

Termiticide Treatment

To try a more aggressive approach to eliminate termites, chemical termiticide treatment is very effective and easy to implement. Start with digging a trench around the perimeter of your home. The trench should be close to your home and the main problem areas. Fill the trench with foam-based non-repellent termite insecticide. 

Because the DIY termite treatment is non-repellent the termites will move to the trench and then die while caught in it. This is more ideal for stopping repeat encounters and ensuring any getting close enough to your home are immediately killed.

Find the best ducted air conditioning Brisbane has to offer

Find the best Ducted air conditioning Brisbane has to offer with Smarter Air. Ducted air conditioning is a necessity for the raging summer heat. It gives you full control to cool your home down quickly. There are a number of features that make ducted air conditioning the best choice for your home.


Ducted air conditioning features special section zones and smart automation technology. There’s no need to cool your whole house down if all the family is situated in only one room. This saves you money as you are using less energy while more efficiently cooling the space you actually use. You may only want to cool bedrooms overnight and the media room in the evenings. 


Ducted air conditioning systems are hidden from sight, making a lounge room space or living area more visually appealing. A large singular air conditioning unit can be obtrusive to the eye and take up a lot of wall space. With ducted air conditioning there’s more room for paintings, wall art or technology.  Ducted air conditioning pleases every interior design and home owner.


In those few months where the temperature drops and the warm pajamas come out of the winter closet, ducted air conditioning is still suitable. The reverse-cycle ducted air conditioning allows you to heat any areas of your home without having to purchase another separate heating system. The heating features allow you to warm up any areas you choose.

Property Value

If you’re buying an investment property or planning to sell in the future, ducted air conditioning will increase the value of your home. Ducted air conditioning is highly sought after and while it is still seen as a luxury item – because it’s more affordable than ever, it is now becoming the norm in Australian homes. 

This is especially true in the South-East Queensland homes where there is a combination of humidity and high temperatures making the summers more unbearable than other parts of the country such as Melbourne. So it’s best to keep up with the market and maximise the potential of your home. 


Although the initial fee of installing ducted air conditioning throughout your home is higher than a singular installation of one air-conditioning unit, over time the maintenance and continual installation of more units increases rapidly. Making ducted air conditioning more cost efficient and maintenance less expensive. 

Another factor to consider is the energy efficiency rating of ducted air conditioning compared to multiple single units. All ducted air conditioning brands are now required to conform with the minimum energy performance standards, therefore guaranteeing efficiency. However, single unit systems are different for each brand and machine style. This may be tricky to navigate and work out how much you’ll actually be spending on electricity costs. You’ll need to compare the energy efficiency labels and product information to choose the most energy efficient option for your home.

Smarter Air has a range the best ducted air conditioning Brisbane has to offer with hundreds of options available.

5 Ideas for a Temperature Controlled Refridgerator Truck

A temperature controlled refridgerator truck can be useful for multiple businesses. They help to ensure that food and other perishable items that have to be delivered at certain temperatures are delivered safe and fresh. It is very important to take precautions when running a business needing items to be at certain temperatures. Here are a few ideas that can use this type of vehicle. 

CATERING COMPANIES… Do you run or drive for a catering company? The best way to preserve the flavor in your food is to have a temperature-controlled refrigerator truck. Think about it don’t you want your customers to experience your food as if you just got done making it. A vehicle like this can keep your food as cold or warm as if you just made it all the way to the customer even if that customer is a long drive away.

MEAL PROGRAM COORDINATORS… Just like caters, they need to be able to deliver the food to the customer at the right temperature. Most of the time they have multiple trips or customers to deliver to in one day so the food has to stay fresh. There are many Australian laws meal program coordinators need to abide by when serving to customers.

FLORISTS… Now I know this company is not really one you would have thought of to need a temperature controlled truck but keeping the flowers at the right temperature helps to keep them fresh and helps prevent wilting as well. You don’t want your customer to end up with wilted flowers after all that hard work you did arranging them so beautifully. 

BUTCHERS… Now restaurants and food stores, especially ones with meat departments, need and get deliveries on a daily basis. Now, this type of vehicle is very important when transporting raw meats. You have to make sure that the meats are kept at certain temperatures so that they are at acceptable conditions and to avoid growth of something that can harm humans. This type of mistake could cost your business lots of money. So to avoid contaminated meats you have to use a refrigerated truck. Make sure that the refrigerator truck is the correct size and holds temperature correctly for raw meats. This is a very serious matter when transporting. 

FROZEN TREATS and BEVERAGES… Now my favorite and one everyone knows – ice cream. One of the biggest refrigerator truck uses and if your out there selling ice cream in a 40-degree heat the last thing you want to do is sell melted ice cream to someone, that would be bad for business. Now it’s not just ice cream it’s bottles of water and or milkshakes even soda which on a hot day you want to sell to your customers cold. 

 Nowadays temperature controlled vehicles are not just a huge box truck with a sliding window in the side. They come in all different shapes and sizes. So make sure whatever one you have or decide to get is the correct truck for what you need it for. It’s your business so you want to make sure that you get what works for your business. You can always start with a small refrigerator truck and then as your business grows opt for a bigger truck. Check our Scully RSV for all your refrigerator truck needs.

Online Business & Marketing – Reviews & Tips

Online business marketing is an essential practice for any business wanting to make an impression on the online market and gain a competitive edge in their industry. Why? Because the Internet is the first place people go to search for products or services. It’s the first place they go when they need to fix a problem and with search engines like Google overflowing with sites willing to solve those problems, you need to make sure your business is in the game.

Highly successful online business marketing can be a tricky business, but you should utilise (at the very least) some basic and fundamental tools to give your business a boost in online credibility and to ensure you attract more customers.

Firstly, and arguably most importantly, you should have a business website to underpin an online business marketing system. And the more engaging and organised, the better. No one wants to click through to a website that is all graphics or huge blocks of text. You must balance out these components in a way that accentuates the benefits of your brand and how you can help your prospective customers. You need enticing content copy, appealing website design, and a strong brand image to successfully communicate how you can solve your customers’ problems and gain their trust. Particularly in the case of businesses that sell products rather than services, it is absolutely essential that you have e-commerce capabilities enabled on your website. People are looking for reasons not to buy, so the harder you make it for them to buy your products or enquire about your services, the quicker they are going to leave your site and go elsewhere. Make the purchase process easy.

After you have established an engaging website, you should find out more about search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics. Using SEO, you can direct people who are searching for products and services relevant to your business through to your website. You need to identify the most frequently searched keywords that you could use for your business so your website will rank higher in search results. The higher your ranking, the more likely people are to click through to your site first – and ranking higher gains you increased business credibility. Other traffic generating tools are also available to drive prospects to your business.

You’ll find that many of your prospects are interested in enquiring, but are not quite ready to buy just yet. But don’t fear, this is the perfect situation to utilise lead nurturing techniques. Often, the majority of your sales will come from prospects who have thought about buying from you for a while, but just haven’t taken the plunge. Lead nurturing allows you to build up a rapport with these people and gain their trust so that, when they need products and services that you offer, your business will be their first choice. In this instance, you can provide them with ongoing useful information, events, discounts, and other special offers that will gain their trust and loyalty. When it comes to buying time, they are more likely to recruit your services over another, more alien company.

Your most important business asset is your USP – your unique selling proposition. Your USP identifies what your business can offer potential customers and how you can solve their problems. If you can market your business successfully and effectively convey how your products or services will make your audience’s lives better, you’ll have a strong foundation for an online business marketing system.

Points Related To – Online Business & Marketing

Your online business is up and working, and you now need to take it to the next level – to tell everyone out there you’re in business and to promote and elevate your business website on the web. So how do you start?

There are differences between online business marketing and perhaps promoting a traditional offline business, but fundamentally in either case you need to have clear, definitive marketing plan because this will allow you to gauge if what you are doing is working effectively or not.

So deciding on important aspects such as finding your target audience, deciding on what promotional or marketing methods you will use – or you are best at – how much time and effort you are prepared to put into it, as well as the creation of a clear unambiguous brand that will tie everything together are fundamentals that you need to keep in mind all the time.

The creation of a brand is key. Branding for an online business allows all your online marketing efforts and tactics to present a coherent and core message to your prospective clients regardless of what marketing methods you use, be it email marketing, social networks, blogging or your website.

Your website will of course be an important cog in your whole online marketing machine, and as simple or complicated or sophisticated it may be, there is one thing it has to do very well – and that is to get your visitor to take action. Having the right keywords as well as enticing, action oriented copy on your website, together with ease of navigation and an uncluttered look and feel are the basic elements of a successful website.

The marketing strategy you put together for your online business will depend on the type of products or services you are providing, but it is always a recommended that you aim to have a short-term and longer term marketing strategies for overall internet marketing success.

The shorter term strategies allow you to start and gain momentum more quickly, something that is vital for a fledgling online business. They may provide only a temporary “hit” in traffic, but used consistently, this strategy can augment longer term online marketing strategies for overall success.

Short term marketing strategies may include techniques such as paying for advertising or forum marketing.

Long term marketing is more strategic in nature and usually requires more effort and consistency of application, but rewards of course are more consistent, reliable and long lasting so the efforts you attribute to this should be reflect your desire to have a successful business. Some of the techniques for long term strategies are:

Article Marketing


Using Social Media

List Building

Implementing a balanced “mutually facilitating” marketing strategy by using short and long term marketing methods for your online business will ensure you have a successful online presence by providing a steady flow of traffic to your websites.

Online Business & Marketing – Increase Your Sales

In this age of the internet, business owners need to maximize the use of the internet to push their sales up on the chart. Whether you have a small business or a big one, if you haven’t joined the bandwagon of online business marketing, you may be left behind by competitors in increasing sales and expanding your market.

Remember that people go to the internet to find information, and if your business has a strong online presence, you can reap good results in no time.

If you are thinking of online business marketing, here are among the top ways to market your business online and increase your sales.

Create a profitable website

Most of the marketing efforts you do online starts with a good website. If you want profits, you have to make sure you are not just creating a mediocre website but a profitable one. Even from the start, you can foresee that a good website can help you in getting good profits in any venture online.

Select a niche representative to your business.

If you are into a wedding planning business, you have to select a website that only talks about weddings. If you are into building and construction, you have to make your niche focused on the particular subject. If you are selling different products, you may want to set up one website for each product, but of course, depending on how varied are your products, you can also put up an online store.

Optimize your website for your online readers and the search engines.

Another important consideration that you have to make when it comes to building a website for online business marketing is to make sure that your business website is optimized for the search engines and your readers as well. This means you have to make your website visible amidst the millions of existing websites online while you also engage you readers to patronize your business.

Advertise on search engines

One of the best ways to draw potential customers to your website is to make your business visible the moment people type something on the search box. If you try searching something on the search box, you will get a good number of websites listed in the results page.

Aside from that information, you can also see sponsored ads on the results page. If you want to secure one of these profitable ad spots for your business, you can actually do that with the search engine’s advertising program which allows you to put your ad on that strategic ad spot using the cost-per-click system. This way, you only pay for every click made to your ad and not pay a fix rate for a specific period.

Advertise on relevant websites

Aside from the search engines, you can also do online business marketing by advertising with other relevant websites. If you have a wedding planning business, advertise and link with wedding websites. If you have a home staging business, you may want to advertise in real estate websites. These links will help your business become visible to those who are most likely interested in your products. Keep in mind that advertising on just any site online may gain you online visitors but not profits.

Provide Valuable Information to Market Your Business Online

As people go online to search for information, you can also take advantage of this opportunity by providing them what they want. Providing answers to people who are searching for them online can be a good start to get your target market’s trust to your business. People buy because they trust your business, and they know what they can get out of patronizing your business. Good information is also a way of creating a demand for your product.

However, not all methods in providing information can be effective online. Annoying online readers with promotional write-ups and sales talk can also be counterproductive. One of the effective ways to do this is to write articles of general information where people online can find answers to their questions. In online business marketing, this is called article marketing – a good means to provide information to your readers, establishing your image as an expert, and in return, getting people to patronize your business, thus increasing your profits.